Immerse Sports Fans In Deeply Personalized Interactive Experiences

Maestro’s all-in-one solution brings fans onto the field, into the huddle, through the locker room and inside the back office. Bring your fans deeper into the game with your own virtual sports empire.

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From the world’s biggest competitions to your high school basketball team, Maestro powers the future of sports entertainment.

Whether you’re a league, a team, or an athlete, Maestro delivers the tools sports organizations need to merge content, commerce and community into the ultimate sports experience.

Customize & Control

Build the perfect branded experience around your sport and customize for your fans.

Engage & Monetize

Use interactivity and monetization tools to keep fans spending time and money within your experience.

Analyze & Optimize

Grow your fanbase and revenue with analytics you can easily understand and put into action.

Who Uses Maestro for Sports

Deliver the Ultimate Fan Experience

Sports organizations and personalities capitalize on easy-to-use solutions that engage fans on a whole new level. Keep their attention, build stronger relationships, and unlock new revenue streams.

Create a Fan-First Platform

Fans now expect a more interactive personalized experience. Reinvent the way you comunicate and engage with a platform designed by you for them.

Have It Your Way

Create an experience that reflects your brand and fanbase, add design elements and build channels in formats that work for you. Every element of the user journey can be easily customized on the fly.

Enable New Fan Formats

Your platform should be as dynamic as your fans. Enhance live games or create live or on-demand shoulder programming. Two-way interactivity changes the game and diversifies how fans connect with you.

Launch Today

Increase your speed to market and evolve over time with a dynamic turn-key solution. Discover how quickly you can launch an experience your fans will love that delivers real results.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

Where Live Sports, Streaming, and Shopping Meet

Fact: engaged fans spend more time and money. With Maestro, you get to control the interactive experience, add multiple revenue streams, and get paid on your own terms.

Reinvent Fan Engagement

Unlike other one-dimensional platforms, Maestro provides you a variety of tools to keep fans engaged and spending. Turn on features like chat and watch parties, gamification and loyalty programs, odds and stats feeds, and virtual photo booths.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Maestro provides numerous ways to boost existing revenue streams like sponsorship, ticketing, and merch sales but also opens up subscriptions, personalized virtual events, and integrated betting and gaming solutions.

Make It Shoppable, Interactive, and Immersive

Live streaming is shaping the future of sports and it’s just getting started. Maestro future-proofs sports properties to ensure they capitalize on shifting fan behaviors with a flexible platform that evolves with you, your fans, and the industry.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Take advantage of robust analytics featuring insights on your fans and overall performance. Find out who they are, what they love, and how to keep them coming back for more.

Feel the Pulse of the Crowd

Virtual experiences shouldnt lose the energy of in-person events. See what your audience is responding to in real time and understand where, when, and how long your fans interact.

Unlock Valuable Data

From the moment your fans enter, you know how they interact. With direct access to fans, you can leverage key insights to re-engage, sell sponsorships, and improve your content strategy.

Improve Performance

See what works and what doesn’t with in-depth analytics. Identify what pricing is best, how fans interact, the content they prefer, and improve the experience to increase your engagement and maximize your revenue.


Connecting with athletic directors and other coaches is an essential part of my work at Kansas State University. Using Maestro’s platform has been a game changer. I use it for everything from sharing podcasts to hosting interactive chalk talk sessions - all inside my own branded channel. It's easy-to-use, intuitive and it's great to be able to see real-time information about my viewers to help me continue to improve my offering. Maestro is on to something big here. They're bringing the tools we need to evolve how coaches and athletic departments can interact with their unique audiences.
Van Malone
Assistant Head Coach, Division I Football (FBS)
Maestro helped us deliver an amazing viewer experience for our biggest event of the year. Their team made it easy to integrate in-game data which is key to the future of enhancing esports broadcasts.
Nate Nanzer
Head of Partnerships, Epic Games
We were excited to try Maestro with our event, and the results were phenomenal. We were able to provide enhanced user experience for our viewers, who also enjoyed the raffles, giveaways, and all of the other interaction provided by the platform. After that we’ve been able to study what our visitors actually want, where they came from, and how we can cater even better. Maestro is the perfect way to bring your event to the next level.
Alexander Zavoloka
VP of Products, Epic Events

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