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Showcase Your Brand with Buildable Pages

Building a successful video business requires more than just stellar video content. You have to build a brand that is appealing and accessible to your target audience.

With Maestro, it’s easy to create branded pages that pull these components together. This gives you the digital real estate to better explain who you are and what you have to your audience. The best part is that you have full control of the layout and style of your pages, so your brand’s unique identity can shine through.

Design and Customize

Drag and drop your way to stunning pages

Not a designer? No problem! Maestro’s page-building tools will make it look like you’ve got years of professional design experience. Blocks make it easy to bring your ideas to life and support a wide variety of use cases.
All blocks are optimized for responsive web and mobile, so you never have to worry about making a great impression no matter where your visitors are or what device they’re using.
Mix a little bit of creativity with a dash of strategy to bring your video business’s pages to life in no time.
Drag and drop your way to stunning pages
Handpick your page elements to amplify your brand
Seamless Content Curation

Handpick your page elements to amplify your brand

Pages can be easily customized to highlight video and other media that brings your brand to life. Showcase videos, playlists, and channels to give your viewers a variety of content to choose from.
Build your pages around your money-making strategies to maximize your success and skyrocket your revenue. Use strategic sponsor placements to provide more value to your partners.
Easy Subscription Setup

Build an on-demand video subscription platform

Nothing beats recurring revenue, and with Maestro, you can bring your subscription-based monetization strategies to life with just a few clicks.
Our page-building tools make setting up subscription video services a breeze. Simply take parts of your collection and add access control for your subscribers. Easily set up membership tiers with varied content to entice your audience to upgrade.
The content offered in each subscription can be changed at any time, providing you the flexibility to keep your offer fresh without spending much time making updates.
Build an on-demand video subscription platform
The launchpad to your streaming network
Streaming Portals

The launchpad to your streaming network

Want to build a multi-channel experience or a network of streaming channels? Use pages to create the equivalent of Twitch or YouTube’s home page — a discovery portal for all the fantastic content and channels that you have to offer.
Use pages to showcase top channels, feature on-demand videos, and highlight major upcoming events. Best of all, your team can make changes without calling a developer.

Make Maestro the center of your online video experience.

Our fully-featured platform has everything that you need to monetize and scale your online video businesses.

These core features are included in every plan.
Customize your interactive video content with panels and overlays.
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Showcase your live and on-demand video content
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Build a loyal community around your brand.
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Access powerful data and insights to make informed decisions.
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Generate revenue with ticketing, subscriptions, sponsors, and more.
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Produce professional live streams without any additional tools or plugins.
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