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Flexible monetization models to power your business


Multiple Revenue Streams to Maximize Earning

Diversify your video revenue streams with Maestro. Mix-and-match monetization models to offer something unique for every member of your community. Use a combination of ticketing, subscriptions, live selling, and sponsorships to make money with your content.

Ticketed Events

Keep up to 100% of ticket sales

Easily set up and manage ticketed events with just a couple of clicks. Offer multiple ticket tiers, VIP experiences, intimate afterparties, meet-and-greets, and more. Best of all, we don’t take a cut, so all of the revenue is yours.
Our ticketing tools have powered some of the biggest live streaming events in the world, but they are easy to use for creators at any stage of their journey. Since the infrastructure was built to scale, our platform handles spikes of last-minute ticket buyers like a champ.
Sales taxes are handled automatically and the viewers absorb small processing fees.
Keep up to 100% of ticket sales
Keep up to 100% of subscription revenue, too
Video Subscriptions

Keep up to 100% of subscription revenue, too

Subscriptions provide predictable, dependable revenue to help you grow your business. Provide unlimited access to your live and on-demand video content with multiple membership tiers.
Create unique offerings and easily update libraries with just a few clicks. Whether it’s strictly an on-demand video service, a purely live stream offering, or a mix of both, Maestro empowers you to build your membership program in a way that fits your unique brand and strategy.
Live Shopping

Sell in-stream with integrated checkout flows

Interactive video drives higher conversions and increases sales. Enhance your sales channels and maintain your existing workflows by using your tech stack of choice. Use our Shopify integration to start selling through video in minutes.
Some of the most popular live selling opportunities on Maestro include:
  • Concerts or sporting events with merch offerings
  • Product sales in QVC-style shows
  • NFTs or goods in the metaverse
  • Digital services

No matter what you want to sell, Maestro’s e-commerce tools have you covered.
Build an on-demand video subscription platform
Upgrade your sponsor placements

Upgrade your sponsor placements

Generate revenue by accepting sponsorships and partnering with brands that align with your mission.
Provide more value to sponsors with eye-catching sponsorship placements, multiple sponsorship options, and powerful insights to showcase the success of a collaboration. Consider offering live chats or watch parties as sponsorship opportunities, as well.
Best of all, you’ll be able to offer brands unique and highly valuable data they can’t get anywhere else. This is a big differentiator that will increase the size of your deals and result in happier partners.
Multiple Payment Options

Make paying easy to increase conversions

We only partner with the world’s premier and most trusted payment gateways to ensure that all money is safe as it is changing hands.
Whether it’s Stripe-powered credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or something new, Maestro makes it easy for viewers to pay. As payments continue to evolve, we’ll continue to integrate new options to make checkouts simple and painless.
Make paying easy to increase conversions

Make Maestro the center of your online video experience.

Our fully-featured platform has everything that you need to monetize and scale your online video businesses.

These core features are included in every plan.
Customize your interactive video content with panels and overlays.
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Showcase your live and on-demand video content
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Build a loyal community around your brand.
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Access powerful data and insights to make informed decisions.
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Generate revenue with ticketing, subscriptions, sponsors, and more.
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Produce professional live streams without any additional tools or plugins.
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