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Customize Channels for a Next-Gen Viewing Experience

Build engaging video channels that get you paid with live shopping, chat, social feeds, clickable overlays, raffles, polls, trivia, and more. Go from zero to launch in no time with an interactive viewing experience that looks and feels like you.

White-Label Channels

Put your brand front and center, not ours

Content from creators like you fuels large platforms and makes them increasingly valuable. If that's the case, why doesn’t your brand get more of the spotlight?
Maestro recognizes this imbalance which is why we put your brand first. Customize your experience to your unique look and feel, interact with your audience in new ways, and control the entire user interface.
Add your logo and brand colors to make the channels your own. Since Maestro is totally white-label, no third-party branding or ads will steal your spotlight.
Interactive panels and overlays for enhanced video engagement
Interactive video experiences like overlays, chat, and polls
Interactive Video Streaming

Offer unique experiences with engaging panels

Video experiences shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Maestro's ever-growing library of panels adds a variety of functionality, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Live chat and watch parties
  • Social feeds
  • Live shopping
  • Quests and leaderboards
  • Tipping and sponsor placements

Choose which features you use and easily swap your choices at any time, turning each concept, show, and experience into something truly special. Build in custom features with the IFrame panel.
Actionable Overlays

Drive actions at key moments with clickable elements

Make every moment count towards your goals. Everything changes when you start thinking about the actions you want audiences to take that drive your business forward.
Entice viewers to become active participants using clickable overlays and calls-to-action during your stream.
Engage with polls, raffles, live merch drops, and more. Use overlays to remind viewers to subscribe, sell tickets to an upcoming event, or showcase a tweet.
actionable overlays for enhanced video engagement
flexible access control to determine how viewers gain access to your channel
Flexible Access Control

Control how viewers gain access to your channel

Whether you’re running a ticketed event, making this channel part of a subscription package, requiring a login, or allowing free access to everyone, Maestro has you covered.
Combine business models together for unique offerings. Give viewers the choice to subscribe for $10/month or buy a $10 one-time ticket for today’s stream. Maybe offer free access to a stream as a promotional teaser for an upcoming event.
Any of these options are easy set up with just few clicks.
Eye-Catching Sponsor Placements

Make your sponsors smile from ear to ear

Let’s face it: there aren’t many options on most streaming platforms to give sponsors the kind of value they’re looking for. Maestro allows you to create engaging brand activations thanks to the support of some powerful tools.
  • Create a sponsored channel with co-branded content
  • Use overlays to promote their products and services
  • Offer chat and watch party sponsorships
  • Provide access to powerful audience data and engagement metrics

You have the power to offer something unique to brands, which will help attract phenomenal partnerships.
eye catching sponsor placements and attract great partnerships

Make Maestro the center of your online video experience.

Our fully-featured platform has everything that you need to monetize and scale your online video businesses.

These core features are included in every plan.
Customize your interactive video content with panels and overlays.
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Showcase your live and on-demand video content
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Build a loyal community around your brand.
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Access powerful data and insights to make informed decisions.
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Generate revenue with ticketing, subscriptions, sponsors, and more.
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Produce professional live streams without any additional tools or plugins.
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