Cut Out the Guesswork with Detailed Analytics

Data and insights for informed decision-making


Data and insights for informed decision-making

Take advantage of our robust analytics dashboard that shows you what’s working with your audience and where you can improve. Use our built-in analytics tool to measure how your people like to engage and spend to gain insight into keeping them coming back for more.

Revenue Tracking

Track the sources of your earnings

The earnings dashboard makes it easy to track how much money you’ve made and measure the success of each revenue stream.
Identify your top-selling products, most successful events, and most lucrative subscription tiers. Visualize and understand trends among each channel to make informed decisions for your business.
This is especially helpful with all the different ways you can make money with Maestro.
Earnings cards with graphs
Insights cards with graphs
Actionable Insights

Powerful learnings to grow your business

Data is much more powerful when you can identify trends to make better decisions. Real-time and historical data, including concurrents and topline metrics, are just the beginning.
View a breakdown of engagement levels throughout your audience, and easily measure the difference in time and money spent from your engaged viewers. Explore demographics, location data, and traffic sources along with your top engaging features.
With all of this information at your fingertips, it’s hard not to accelerate your growth.
Behavior Tracking

Understand how your audience likes to engage

Engagement is a valuable tool in building stronger relationships and deeper fandom. Understanding how your audience likes to interact and staying aware of important insights gives you an edge to improve your strategy.
Do your viewers like multiple choice trivia and polls? Is chat where it’s at? Are quests and gamification tools making a significant impact on your metrics? Remove the guesswork with engagement dashboards and tune your strategy to what works best.
Understanding how your audiencec likes to engage through tracking
Insights for videos showing watch time and views
Viewership Data

Identify which content is king

Not all content is created equal. The video dashboard gives you insight into which on-demand content resonates with your audience, including total views and watch time on each.
Use time filters to gain a more holistic view of performance or a more detailed view over a narrower period of time. When you understand what type of content your audience values, you can focus more of your energy and attention on what works to grow faster.

Make Maestro the center of your online video experience.

Our fully-featured platform has everything that you need to monetize and scale your online video businesses.

These core features are included in every plan.
Customize your interactive video content with panels and overlays.
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Showcase your live and on-demand video content
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Build a loyal community around your brand.
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Access powerful data and insights to make informed decisions.
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Generate revenue with ticketing, subscriptions, sponsors, and more.
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Produce professional live streams without any additional tools or plugins.
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