Create the Ultimate Interactive Experience

The world’s leading no-code video platform for brands, agencies and creators.


Give your audience more opportunities to engage using Maestro’s library of built-in interactive panels.


Drive actions that matter at key moments with a catalog of clickable overlays and graphics.


Make money your way with a variety of monetization tools right at your fingertips to maximize your revenue.


Provide more value to your sponsors with virtual inventory and valuable activation opportunities.


Maestro’s built-in panel solutions enable you to control the entire user interface around your content and live stream experiences

Breathe life into your experience with a full range of interactive features

Installed in a single click, Maestro’s interactive panels add a sense of community, and deepen the engagement.

Responsively designed for a seamless experience across all platforms


Full-featured chat complete with moderation tools.


Sell your merchandise with a seamless checkout experience.

Watch Together

Turn on watch parties with private video chat rooms.


Add gamification and reward users for their engagement.

Multiple Choice

Polls, trivia, and predictions keep fans guessing and having fun.


Spotlight your most engaged and loyal audience members.


Add graphics or promotions that link out anywhere on the web.


Create a visual spotlight for featured and notable people.


Showcase upcoming events with add to calendar reminders.

Channel Select

Showcase additional content channels for easy browsing.


Curated additional on-demand content from your video library.

Twitch Chat

Embed Twitch chat to unify the conversation between platforms.


Raise money via the donation platform of your choice.


Embed a non-native webpage within a panel.


Pull in Tweets from specific users or a hashtag to amplify social.

Dream Big

If you can dream it, we can build it together. Get in touch!


Leverage interactive overlays to drive actions during the moments that matter.

Make every moment count towards your goals

Entice viewers to become active participants using clickable graphics and interactive overlays.

Responsively designed for a seamless experience across all platforms

Lower Third

Add an interactive graphic with a clickable call to action.


Highlight a product with one click to checkout.


Get a pulse from your audience in real time.


Send important messages with a clickable call to action.


Run a giveaway to incentivize data collection and engagement.

Poll Results

Show the audience how they voted on a previous poll.


Run a multiple-choice quiz to test their knowledge.


Showcase a recent or relevant Tweet with one-click retweet.

Monetization Opportunities

Turnkey options let you monetize your content, your way.

Diversify your revenue streams within one seamless experience

Maestro offers a wide variety of tools and the freedom to mix and match different models, maximizing your earning potential.

Responsively designed for a seamless experience across all platforms


Sell tickets to your events with payment processing and sales tax automation.


Create recurring revenue with ongoing access to live and on-demand content.

Live Shopping

Integrate your existing store to allow viewers to easily shop while they watch.


Offer your sponsors inventory that does not exist on other platforms.

Sponsorship Elements

Maestro is the only interactive video platform where you can create unique, engaging and interactive brand activations across the platform with 100% control.

Sponsorship opportunities:

Welcome Image

Allow your brand partners to be front and center as your audience enters the experience.

Presenting Sponsor

Give your top sponsors priority with high impact placement.

Channel Takeover

Keep the audience's attention on your sponsors and partners with an always-on background image placement.

Sponsored Channel

Give your partners the opportunity to sponsor a channel within your larger platform experience.

Branded Overlays

Integrate your sponsors into the moments that matter across interactive overlays.

Panel Sponsorships

Create custom panels with rich functionality that align with your brand partner’s goals.

Quest & Leaderboard Sponsorship

Add an element of gamification to your sponsorship offering to make engagements more meaningful with branded rewards.

Branded Display Banners

Create a partner rotation of branded cards to maximize screen time and increase impressions.

Responsively designed for a seamless experience across all platforms

Ready to start creating the ultimate interactive experience?