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Creators on Maestro have earned over $17,900,000 doing what they love

All-in-One Platform

Access all of the video management tools you need on a single platform.
Create engaging live and on-demand video experiences while leveraging the support of monetization tools, brandable pages, insightful analytics, community databases, and more.

Premium Video Experiences

Create professional-looking content that attracts a loyal audience, and showcase your brand with white-label streaming.
Use customizable channels and pages to generate income and build a community all while expressing yourself.

Get Paid

Make it easy for customers to pay. Offer ticketing, subscriptions, live shopping, tips, and more. Mix and match to grow your revenue in ways that make sense for your brand.
Plus, keep 100% of your revenue on ticketing and subscriptions.
Creators on Maestro have earned over $17,900,000 doing what they love

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Maestro allows me to connect with my fans directly on a daily basis and is a fun platform for my live streaming concerts.
Melissa Etheridge On Using Maestro Video Solutions
Melissa Etheridge
Music Artist
Maestro is incredibly intuitive. I was able to learn how to use the platform and get it up and running for a major event on the same day.
Ashley Budd On Using Maestro Video Solutions
Ashley Budd
Educator (Cornell University)
My weekly radio show is broadcast to millions of listeners in more than 31 countries. Having my own platform is a vital part of connecting deeply with fans.
Nathassia On Using Maestro Video Solutions
Nathassia (Goddess is a DJ)
Music Artist, DJ, and Radio Show Host
F----------ck. You all have a great live stream platform. Seriously, it was a delight and we have only scratched the surface on how we can work together.
J. Damany Daniel On Using Maestro Video Solutions
J. Damany Daniel

A Full-Featured Solution for Every Type of Creator

Maestro includes all of the tools that creators need for profitable and seamless video businesses.


Create interactive video streaming experiences

Upgrade your online streaming workflow by building interactive video channels. Engage viewers with chat threads, live shopping, social links, clickable overlays, polls, trivia, and more.
Go from zero to launch in no time with a branded experience that looks and feels like you.
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Interactive panels and overlays for enhanced video engagement
branded video websites with custom logos and colors

Unlock the power of custom pages

Your digital presence is about more than just your videos. Augment your video content with fully-branded pages to add more personality to your video streaming experience.
Incorporate drag-and-drop components to unlock limitless possibilities and bring your idea to life with minimal effort. No design experience required.
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Make money on your terms

Tap into our flexible monetization tools to generate revenue in a way that aligns with your strategy. Use subscriptions, ticketed events, live shopping, tipping, and more while accessing the most creator-friendly revenue shares on the market.
Seamless payments and payouts powered by Stripe get you paid easier, faster. Start getting paid your way.
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video monetization with live commerce and more
community dashboard with viewer contact information

Build authentic relationships that last a lifetime

Successful brands invest in connecting directly with their customers. You’ve worked hard to build real relationships, so why give them away to the big platforms?
Remove the middleman, identify the real humans that your brand serves, and fully own your audience.
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Make smarter decisions with better data

Make smarter decisions with better dataMake informed decisions with real-time insights on performance. Measure how your audience engages, what gets them spending, and how to keep them coming back for more. Confidently make your next move backed by hard data.
Get informed to accelerate your growth.
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Insightful video analytics and data
In-browser live streaming studio
Studio (Beta)

Produce professional video streams with a couple of clicks

Go live from your webcam without the support of any additional software. Invite guests to join and then drag-and-drop them onto the stage with a variety of layout options.
Multistream to all of your favorite video platforms like YouTube and Twitch then funnel viewers to your premium interactive experience to maximize your return.
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Get the Best for Less

Why pay for many separate tools when you can get the job done better with one? Save money with Maestro’s all-in-one streaming solution.

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Join hundreds of creators, makers, and influencers from around the world who have the common goal of creating a sustainable career around their talents and passions.

If you have something special to share with the world, Maestro is for you.

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