Build An Interactive Political Platform To Authentically Engage Audiences

Create a platform for conventions, town halls, discussions and debates to bring your audience deeper into the issues and the voting booth.

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From the largest conventions to the most intimate social discussions, Maestro empowers political organizations and personalities to create more meaningful connections.

Whether you’re running an event, raising money for a candidate, or hosting a fireside chat, Maestro delivers tools to engage audiences in interactive political discussion.

Customize & Control

Build the perfect experience for your audience and customize for your unique position.

Engage & Monetize

Add interactivity and a variety of different monetization options to your experience.

Analyze & Optimize

Grow your community and increase funding with analytics you can easily understand and action.

Who Uses Maestro For Politics

Real Connections and Real Communities are Formed through Interactive Experiences

Political-based organizations, candidates and personalities utilize Maestro’s easy-to-use solution to engage voters in new and unique ways. Build a stronger community, inspire activism, and drive funding.

Better Experiences Drive Richer Engagement

Customize a modern experience optimized for your unique political platform. Encourage participation and offer more ways to connect, engage, and contribute.

Go Beyond the Broadcast

Interactive video provides opportunities for meaninging connections that inspire activision. Create a fully branded experience with engagement at the core to immerse your audience in the issues that matter most.

Enable New Formats

Your platform should be as dynamic as your audience. Build experiences for both interactive live streams and easy-to-browse on-demand content that your community can rewatch as often as they want.

Launch in Minutes

Get started without any technical knowledge or additional software using our dynamic turn-key solution. Discover how easily you can launch an impactful experience for your community.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

Drive Engagement and Grow Your Platform

Bring your content to life with engagement tools that deepen connection and inspire action. Drive funding and invite your audience to join the movement by supporting the cause.

Deepen Connections for Better Results

Drag-and-drop features keep your audience engaged, ranging from text and video chatrooms, video playlists, quizzes, polls, interactive overlays and more so your community can feel more connected with you and each other.

Unlock New Revenue and Donation Formats

Integrate your preferred donations tool so your audience can easily give without leaving the experience. Explore new formats including 1:1 or small group sessions, membership programs, paid podcasts, and subscription services.

Expand into New Territories

Live streaming is shaping the future of social connection in the modern world. Maestro helps political organizations adapt to shifting audience behaviors with a flexible platform that evolves with you, your community, and the world we live in.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Leverage robust analytics featuring insights on your audience and overall performance. Find out who they are, what they respond to, and how to keep them engaged.

Feel the Pulse of Your Community

Virtual experiences shouldn’t lose the energy of in-person events. See what your audience is responding to in real time and understand where, when, and how long your audience interact.

Manage Direct Relationships

Understanding and directly managing your audience is key to expanding your platform. Build a database with marketing tools to engage directly as you expand and evolve your strategy.

Optimize the Experience

See what works and what doesn’t with in-depth analytics. Identify what formats work best, how the community interacts, the content they prefer, and improve the experience to maximize impact.


Hosting a 10k person conference has many challenges, however, having to livestream and ensure user engagement is normally a worry. We were very lucky to be able to work with the professional team from Maestro who guided us through their easy to use system and set things up correctly and quickly. We were able to create user journeys and engagement as well as a great user experience. This year we managed to triple our views from last year and not only were we happy with the result, but so were our sponsors.
Guillaume De Smedt
VP of Community at Startup Grind
Maestro is my go-to solution for hosting virtual professional development events and conferences. The biggest challenge with virtual events is in making sure participants are given the best experience possible — an easy-to-use interface with a quick learning curve, a stable environment for viewing, and interaction opportunities with other attendees. Maestro checks every box. Plus, the branding opportunities within the platform boost the level of professionalism conveyed to participants. Working with the Maestro team is awesome — they go above and beyond to ensure client success.
Mallory Wood
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Higher Ed Live
Incredibly intuitive. I was able to learn how to use the platform and get it up and running for a major event on the same day.
Ashley Budd
Director of Digital Marketing, Cornell University

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