Interactive Podcasts Deepen Connection and Generate More Revenue

Create a video experience around your podcast on a platform you control. Customize the look and feel, design the interactions, decide how you monetize, and grow your business.

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Maestro provides world-class video experiences for podcasters to augment and expand their businesses.

Whether you’ve got millions of paying listeners or a smaller audience, Maestro delivers the tools you need to combine content, commerce and community into one experience.

Customize & Control

Build the perfect experience around your podcast and customize around your unique audience.

Engage & Monetize

Add interactivity and new revenue streams to keep fans watching longer and make more money.

Analyze & Optimize

Grow your audience and income with analytics you can easily understand and put into action.

Who Uses Maestro for Podcasts

Expand into Video to Create New Experiences and Increase Monetization

Podcasters large and small capitalize on easy-to-use solutions that engage fans on a whole new level. Keep their attention, build stronger relationships, and unlock new revenue streams.

Better Experiences Drive Richer Engagement

Bring the interactive web to your podcast experience. Reinvent the way you comunicate and engage with a platform you control, designed for your unique audience.

Do It Your Way

Create an experience that reflects your podcast’s brand and audience, add design elements, and build channels in formats that work for you. Every element of the user journey can be easily customized on the fly.

Enable New Formats

Your platform should be as dynamic as your discussion. Build experiences for both interactive live streams and easy-to-browse on-demand content that your audience can rewatch as often as they want.

Launch Today

Get started without any technical knowledge or additional software using our dynamic turn-key solution. Discover how easily you can launch an engaging and entertaining experience for your audience.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

Drive Engagement and Grow Your Podcast Business

Major platform restrictions hold back your monetization potential and creative freedom. Bring your podcast to life with interactive formats and unlock new ways to make money around live streaming and on-demand experiences.

Reinvent the Podcast Experience

Drag-and-drop features keep your audience engaged, ranging from text and video chatrooms, gamification, video playlists, quizzes, raffles, polls, interactive overlays and more so your audience can feel more connected with you and each other.

Choose How You Make Money

Enjoy multiple revenue streams and make it easy for customers to pay. Maestro boosts existing revenue streams like sponsorship, ticketing, and merch sales and also opens up subscriptions, pay-per-view models, and inventivized tipping.

Get Paid More

Podcasts are generating billions of dollars for major platforms. It’s time you got paid what you deserve. Building a holistic business that you control is crucial to building a sustainable future for you and the broader industry.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Big platforms have no desire or incentive to provide data on the audience you brought them. Find out who your viewers are, identify what they love, and keep them coming back for more.

Understand Your Audience

Track how your fans engage and transact within your experience. Receive insight into where, when, and for how long your audience interacts with each part of your platform.

Manage Direct Relationships

Understanding and directly managing your audience is key to expanding your podcast business. Build a database with marketing tools to engage directly as you expand and evolve your strategy.

Maximize Your Return

See what works and what doesn’t with actionable and easy to understand analytics. Identify what formats resonate most, which pricing models convert best, and how you can improve your experience.


F**k you all have a great platform. Seriously, it was a delight to work in and we only scratched the surface of how we can use it. Thanks for impressing the entire team, clients, and attendees. We literally had someone write to customer support to say how great the platform looked.
J. Damany Daniel
Chief Imaginator, Talk Nerdy to Me
Maestro enables our store owners to create Shoppable Live Streams that increase audience engagement and boost revenue
Stewart Gilmour
Platform Manager, Shopify
Connecting with athletic directors and other coaches is an essential part of my work at Kansas State University. Using Maestro’s platform has been a game changer. I use it for everything from sharing podcasts to hosting interactive chalk talk sessions - all inside my own branded channel. It's easy-to-use, intuitive and it's great to be able to see real-time information about my viewers to help me continue to improve my offering. Maestro is on to something big here. They're bringing the tools we need to evolve how coaches and athletic departments can interact with their unique audiences.
Van Malone
Assistant Head Coach, Division I Football (FBS)

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