Interactive Music Experiences Deepen Connection and Generate Revenue

The all-in-one music solution for on-demand and live streaming content. Your own virtual stage, concert, studio, red carpet, meet & greet, tour stop, venue and anything else you dream up.

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From the world’s biggest festivals to your basement studio, Maestro powers music.

Move the crowd and monetize your content with Maestro’s unparalleled ability to create virtual audience engagement and revenue with tickets, subscriptions, live shopping and more.

Customize & Control

Build the perfect experience around your art and customize for your unique fanbase.

Engage & Monetize

Add interactivity and a variety of different monetization formats to your experience.

Analyze & Optimize

Grow your fanbase and income with analytics you can easily understand and put into action.

Who Uses Maestro for Music

Restoring Ownership in the Music Industry

From controlling the design and viewer experience, to the ticket price and more, Maestro puts you in the driver seat.

Create Your Own Platform

Leverage a robust library of easy-to-use tools and built-in features to create a unique experience that represents your brand. Build a network of live stream and VOD content across a variety of channels, or a series of intimate shows for your core fans.

Customize Your Virtual Stage

Whether you’re rocking it with a performance, doing an intimate meet-and-greet with your fans, releasing your newest music video, or whatever comes next, Maestro gives you the flexibility to do it your way.

Optimize for Live and On-Demand

Your environment should be as dynamic as you. Give fans the best experience with interactive live shows and an easy to browse on-demand content library to provide an always-on offering.

Doors Open Tonight

You dont need a programmer or a science degree to build something amazing. Get started in just a few minutes and wow your fans with your stunning creations.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms
Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

Show Me the Money

Fact: engaged fans spend more time and money. With Maestro, you get to control the interactive experience, add multiple revenue streams, and get paid on your own terms.

Connect Intimately with Fans

Drag-and-drop features keep fans engaged, ranging from chatrooms, watch parties, leaderboards, gamification, playlists, interactive overlays and more so fans can feel more connected with you and each other.

Choose How You Make Money

Maestro provides artists with a variety of ways to monetize their content from selling tickets to pay-per-view events, paid subscriptions to access premium content and more. You own the platform, monetize it your way.

Sell Your Stuff

Create live shopping experiences attached to your content and connect your store using your ecommerce platform of choice. Pop up a lower third to promote merch and let fans checkout in realtime without missing a beat.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Why rent your fanbase when you can own it? Bring your fans to a piece of virtual real estate you control. Find out who they are, what they love, and how to keep them coming back for more.

Feel the Pulse of the Crowd

Virtual experiences shouldnt lose the energy of in-person music events. See what your audience is responding to in real time and understand where, when, and how long your fans interact.

Unlock Valuable Data

From the moment your fans show up, you know how they interact. With direct access to fans, you can leverage key insights to re-engage, sell sponsorships, and improve your content strategy.

Optimize Your Growth

See what works and what doesn’t with in-depth analytics. Identify what pricing is best, what content your fans love most, and improve your experience to increase your growth and maximize your revenue.


Maestro has provided the perfect user experience for Nathassia's Goddess Is A DJ live streams. Her fans love the chat and personal avatars so much that they still use it in between the live shows!
Bruce Elliott-Smith
Grammy Winning Writer/Producer
We had been searching for a solution like Maestro for years. To boost engagement, polls, call-to-action messaging, and real-time GRAMMY winner updates were made possible via Maestro. Also greatly appreciated was the ease with which any sort of display and video ad scenario could be updated and modified. Most importantly, the professionalism of the Maestro team was incomparable. From day one, their focus and mission was to give us the exact product we wanted, no matter how time consuming. Thank you, Maestro for helping take GRAMMY Live to the next level.
Miranda Eggleston
Director, The Recording Academy Grammys
Maestro allows me to connect with my fans directly on a daily basis and is a fun platform for my live streaming concerts.
Melissa Etheridge
Grammy Award-winning Music Artist

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