Maximize Your Most Important Marketing Channel With A Superior Streaming Solution

Given how critical live streaming and video have become to your strategy, you need an all-in-one solution that lets fans do more than watch and chat. Work with a partner aligned to your success instead of their own.

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Maestro provides world-class esports experiences proven to grow viewership and increase monetization.

Whether you’re a publisher, league, or tournament organizer, the future of interactive live streaming is in your hands, connecting content, commerce and community.

Customize & Control

Build the perfect viewer experience around your game, controlled by you on your existing properties.

Engage & Monetize

Use interactivity and monetization tools to keep viewers spending time and money within your experience.

Analyze & Optimize

Grow your audience and revenue with analytics you can easily understand and put into action.

Who Uses Maestro for Esports & Gaming

Deliver the Ultimate Viewer Experience

Esports and gaming organizations and personalities capitalize on easy-to-use solutions that engage fans on a whole new level. Keep their attention, build stronger relationships, and unlock new revenue streams.

Better Experiences Drive Richer Engagement

Gamers always flock to the best experiences available. The gaming industry constantly innovates to attract players. With Maestro, you can apply this to the viewer experience to get the most out of your streaming strategy.

White Label Your Own Twitch

Why increase your dependency on streaming platforms when you could instead get the best of both worlds? Continue to stream there for reach but also funnel audiences to a branded experience you own for control.

Optimize for Live and On-Demand

Your platform should be as dynamic as your game. Give viewers the best experience with interactive live streams and an easy to browse on-demand content library for an always-on offering.

Launch Your Platform In Minutes

Increase your speed to market and evolve over time with a dynamic turn-key solution. Discover how quickly you can launch an experience your viewers will love that delivers real results.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

An Esports Monetization Model That Actually Works

Major platform restrictions are holding back your monetization potential. Unlock new ways to make money around live streaming and on-demand experiences that embrace shoppable video, gamification, loyalty programs, subscriptions, tips, and betting.

Reinvent the Viewer Experience

Fact: your engaged viewers spend more time and money. Use drag-and-drop features ranging from chatrooms, watch parties, leaderboards, gamification, playlists, live stats, polls, predictions, interactive overlays and more.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Maestro provides numerous ways to boost existing revenue streams like sponsorship, ticketing, and merch sales and also opens up subscriptions, personalized virtual events, and integrated betting and gaming solutions.

Sell Your Stuff

Create live shopping experiences around your IP, powered by your ecommerce platform of choice. Then, pop up an overlay to promote merch, pre-orders, in-game items and more with simple checkouts so they dont miss the action.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Big platforms have no desire or incentive to provide data on the audience you brought them. Find out who your viewers are and link them to your existing user profiles, identify what they love, and keep them coming back for more.

Measure the Impact of Streaming

Streaming is about more than just eyeballs--it’s about your players, your game, and your community. When you can enrich your existing player data with viewer data, you unlock the keys to a smarter strategy.

Discover the Keys to Growth

Understanding the levers that drive average-minute-audience, engagement, and retention empower you with an action plan for growth, sponsorshp sales, and direct audience targeting capabilities.

Optimize Performance

See what works and what doesn’t with in-depth analytics. Identify what pricing is best, how fans interact, the content they prefer, and improve the experience to increase your engagement and maximize your revenue.


Maestro helped us deliver an amazing viewer experience for our biggest event of the year. Their team made it easy to integrate in-game data which is key to the future of enhancing esports broadcasts.
Nate Nanzer
Head of Partnerships, Epic Games
The Maestro platform offers ways of engaging with our audience that no other platform today is capable of. We broadcast via multiple distribution networks and so much different content – Maestro allows us to keep consistency while we cater premium content to millions of viewers globally.
Pontus Rundqvist
Product Marketing Manager, Dreamhack
Maestro has been massively impactful in helping Andbox/NYXL build strong relationships with our community. The platform was extremely simple to setup and made it easy for us to drive users to a centralized location for a premium viewing experience. Fans have loved the gamification and rewards programs and we've been able to use interactivity to collect emails and identify users which is key to our growth strategy.
Rohit Gupta
Co-Founder, Andbox

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