Transform Your Virtual And Hybrid Events Into Must-Attend Interactive Experiences

Create immersive event experiences that connect attendees and generate real business outcomes.

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From the largest global conferences to your company’s next all hands, Maestro powers events of all sizes.

Whether you’ve got millions of registered attendees or a small dedicated community, Maestro delivers the tools you need to deliver immersive and interactive event experiences.

Customize & Control

Build the perfect event experience for your attendees and customize for your unique programming.

Engage & Monetize

Add interactivity and a variety of different monetization formats to your event experiences.

Analyze & Optimize

Grow your community and increase revenue with analytics you can easily understand and action.

Who Uses Maestro for Conferences and Events

Provide Real and Measureable Value for Speakers, Guests and Panelists

Achieve your participant’s goals with interactive features that drive the actions that matter to them. When your VIP and notable attendees can clearly articulate value, you become an invaluable partner.

Your Event On a Platform Owned & Controlled by You

Reinvent the way you host and engage on a platform you control. Customize design and interactive elements to match your brand’s identity and ideal experience.

Customize the Perfect Event Experience

Create a fully branded experience with engagement at the core to immerse your audience in the issues that matter most. Every element of the user journey can be easily customized on the fly.

Optimize for Live and On-demand

Your platform should be as dynamic as your event. Build experiences for both interactive live streams and easy-to-browse on-demand content that your audience can rewatch as often as they want.

Launch in Minutes

Get started without any technical knowledge or additional software using our dynamic turn-key solution. Discover how easily you can launch an impactful event experience for your attendees.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

Drive Engagement and Business Outcomes

Bring your events to life with engagement tools that enhance the experience. Invite attendees to participate in different ways, drive the actions that matter to your stakeholders, and better monetize your event business.

Community Engagement, Personalized Interaction

Drag-and-drop features keep your audience engaged, ranging from text and video chatrooms, gamification, video playlists, quizzes, raffles, polls, interactive overlays and more so your attendees can feel more connected with you and each other.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Maestro provides numerous ways to boost existing revenue streams like sponsorship, ticketing, and merch sales and also opens up subscriptions, personalized virtual events, breakout sessions, and membership programs.

Sell More Stuff

Build live shopping experiences powered by your ecommerce platform of choice. Create new inventory for sponsors and partners and enable them to sell their products and services. Use overlays to drive attendees to simple checkout flows.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Take advantage of analytics with audience insights and overall performance metrics. Discover who they are, what they respond to, and how to keep them coming engaged.

Understand Your Audience

Virtual experiences shouldnt lose the energy of in-person events. See what your audience is responding to in real time and understand where, when, and how long your attendees interact.

Manage Direct Relationships

Understanding and directly managing your audience is key to expanding your event business. Build a database with marketing tools to engage directly as you expand and evolve your strategy.

Maximize Your Return

See what works and what doesn’t with in-depth analytics. Identify what formats work best, how attendees interact, the content they prefer, and improve the overall experience to consistently deliver more value.


We were looking for a better user experience for our community live streams and Maestro was the answer. It's not only a great UX, it's a great team to work with. The platform is very flexible and provides a full control of the experience. We dramatically increased the engagement with our community and the average watch time thanks to Maestro.
Michael Chaize
Principle Community Engagement Strategist, Adobe
Since partnering with Maestro, our events, including eCommerce Week LA have strengthened lasting relationships with our audience. Maestro has become our go-to for multi-day events, allowing us to dial quickly into analytics. A particularly useful analytical highlight was knowing what people were watching and “why” they were watching. As a result we will be able to build on this data and increase engagement for upcoming events
Erik Huberman
CEO & Founder of Hawke Media
Maestro was an intuitive platform allowing us to provide an enhanced user experience. Insomniac is about delivering great visual experiences, and Maestro gave us the canvas to extend our experience digitally. More control to interact with fans and ability to run relevant ad units made both our fans and sponsors happy.
Mike Lee
Director of Digital Strategy & Sponsorships Insomniac Events

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