Maximize Impact And Outcomes With Interactive Education Experiences

Develop environments that nurture curiosity, facilitate discussion, generate funding and enhance the overall learning experience.

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From university lectures and fundraising drives to passionate teachers building businesses around their knowledge, Maestro is here to evolve education.

Maestro delivers the tools that educators at all levels need in order to create a space for motivated individuals to thrive.

Customize & Control

Build an ideal learning experience for courses on your website or in your learning management system.

Engage & Monetize

Use interactive tools to maximize the impact for students and fundraising for your organization.

Analyze & Optimize

Measure efficacy with easily understood and actionable insights on audiences and performance.

Who Uses Maestro for Education

Interactive Video is More Conducive for Modern Learning Than Any Other Medium

Maestro enables new methodologies for cost-effective real-time learning through more accessible and collaborative environments. Use in-depth analytics help improve your curriculum and further enhance outcomes.

Build an Experience People Want to Learn In

Customize a modern learning experience optimized for your audience with your area of expertise. Give them more ways learn, engage, and contribute through your teaching.

More Than Just Another Zoom Class

Virtual learning is going through a powerful transformation. With Maestro, educators can now easily design and manage impactful end-to-end experiences around video that are more conducive to applied learning.

Optimize for Live and On Demand

Appeal to diverse learning styles with experiences optimized for both interactive live streams and easy-to-browse on-demand content students can rewatch as often as they need.

Launch In Minutes

Get started without any technical knowledge or additional software using our dynamic turn-key solution. Discover how easily you can launch an impactful experience for your audience.

Responsively designed for a seamless
experience across all platforms

Drive Engagement and Grow Your Knowledge Business

Bring your lectures to life with engagement tools that improve learning and increase the efficacy of your course. Invite students to participate in different ways, present supplemental materials, and even monetize your knowledge business.

Deepen Connections for Better Results

Drag-and-drop features keep your audience engaged, ranging from text and video chatrooms, gamification, video playlists, quizzes, raffles, polls, interactive overlays and more so your students can feel more connected with you and each other.

Monetize Your Knowledge Business

Implement courses, build coaching programs, launch membership sites and paid podcasts, and offer subscription bundles. Enjoy multiple income streams and make it easy for customers to pay.

Enable Interactive Fundraising

Interactive live streams have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and the trend is accelerating. Invite your benefactors to an interactive gala or charity event that inspires involvement and giving.

Access and Own Data You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Take advantage of robust analytics featuring insights on your audience and overall performance. Find out who they are, what they respond to, and how to keep them engaged.

Turn On a Real-time Feedback Loop

Virtual learning can exceed an in-person experience with measurable data to improve efficacy and hone your teaching. See how and when students respond in real time.

Relationship Management Solutions

Understanding and directly managing your audience is key to expanding your knowledge business. Build a database with marketing tools to engage directly as you expand and evolve your strategy.

Improve Performance

See what works and what doesn’t with in-depth analytics. Identify what pricing is best, how audiences interact, which content they prefer, and continually improve your offering to maximize outcomes.


Incredibly intuitive. I was able to learn how to use the platform and get it up and running for a major event on the same day.
Ashley Budd
Director of Digital Marketing, Cornell University
Maestro is my go-to solution for hosting virtual professional development events and conferences. The biggest challenge with virtual events is in making sure participants are given the best experience possible — an easy-to-use interface with a quick learning curve, a stable environment for viewing, and interaction opportunities with other attendees. Maestro checks every box. Plus, the branding opportunities within the platform boost the level of professionalism conveyed to participants. Working with the Maestro team is awesome — they go above and beyond to ensure client success.
Mallory Wood
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Higher Ed Live
Connecting with athletic directors and other coaches is an essential part of my work at Kansas State University. Using Maestro’s platform has been a game changer. I use it for everything from sharing podcasts to hosting interactive chalk talk sessions - all inside my own branded channel. It's easy-to-use, intuitive and it's great to be able to see real-time information about my viewers to help me continue to improve my offering. Maestro is on to something big here. They're bringing the tools we need to evolve how coaches and athletic departments can interact with their unique audiences.
Van Malone
Assistant Head Coach, Division I Football (FBS)

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