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Why Creators Trust Maestro

Maestro is designed with creators in mind. It is our mission to enable content creators to earn from their passions. To do what they love most without worrying about getting demonetized, banned or bullied.

Own Your Audience

Why rent your audience when you can own it? Bring your fans to a piece of virtual real estate you control.

Unleash Creative Freedom

Express yourself with full creative control over the experience you want to create for your unique brand of content.

Get Paid More

No matter the size of your following, you will always earn more when you get to decide how you make money.

Accelerate Your Growth

Learn how to improve with analytics you can easily understand and put into action to grow your following and bank account.

Enter the Era of Ownership

It’s time Creators had a platform of their own and the control to build lasting, sustainable businesses from their content.

Ditch the Dependency

Platforms make more money from your content than you do and they get to decide how much you’re worth. Shouldnt that be up to you and your fans?

Become the Platform

Why be in a sea of many, when you can be the ocean? Quit renting your audience and start owning it. Get more from your content than likes and cents on the dollar.

Creators Who Trust Maestro

Maestro Creator Case Studies

See how we serve creators of all sizes with powerful results

Billie Eilish

With her tour canceled due to COVID-19, Billie wanted to bring something special directly to her fans that would be at the level they had come to expect from her live show experiences. Something that would come to set a new standard for the virtual concert experience.

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 Tom Segura Your Moms House Interactive Live Streaming on Maestro

Your Mom’s House

Following the success of the previous Maestro event with 2 Bears, 1 Sapp during the Super Bowl, Tom Segura, Christina P. and the team at YMH Studios had a vision of a live show with no restrictions. The stage was set for a memorable, yet… NSFW evening.

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Creator Testimonials

Maestro allows me to connect with my fans directly on a daily basis and is a fun platform for my live streaming concerts.
Melissa Etheridge
Grammy Award-winning Music Artist
Maestro has provided the perfect user experience for Nathassia's Goddess Is A DJ live streams. Her fans love the chat and personal avatars so much that they still use it in between the live shows!
Bruce Elliott-Smith
Grammy Winning Writer/Producer
Connecting with athletic directors and other coaches is an essential part of my work at Kansas State University. Using Maestro’s platform has been a game changer. I use it for everything from sharing podcasts to hosting interactive chalk talk sessions - all inside my own branded channel. It's easy-to-use, intuitive and it's great to be able to see real-time information about my viewers to help me continue to improve my offering. Maestro is on to something big here. They're bringing the tools we need to evolve how coaches and athletic departments can interact with their unique audiences.
Coach Van Malone
Assistant Head Coach, Division I Football (FBS)

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