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The leading all-in-one video platform and live streaming solution for brands to customize, control and monetize branded content.

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Why Brands Use Maestro

Maestro empowers brands to reduce their depencies on third party platforms with unprecedented ways to connect with and understand consumers.

Own Your Audience

Your marketing dollars are best spent driving consumers to a platform that you own so you can engage directly without barriers.

Fully Customizable

Customize and control every detail of the experience to align with your strategy and brand objectives.

Live Shopping

Build a powerful new sales channel with seamless checkout flows using your existing ecommerce solution.

Data That Tells a Story

Tell the story of your campaign’s success with robust analytics, first-party data, and more from our in-depth dashboards.

Enter the Era of Ownership

Brands now must control and monetize their video experiences to capitalize on shifting consumer behavior

The Shift Towards Live

The most impactful consumer experiences are alive and in the moment. We live in a time when customers crave a more personal relationship with the brands they follow. They want an experience and to be a part of your brand’s story.

Capitalizing on the Shift

Amidst the fast-evolving landscape of privacy and data on the web, smart brands realize the importance of owning and monetizing the destination of their marketing efforts. Live experiences have proven to increase engagement, retention, and conversion.

Brands Who Trust Maestro

Maestro Brand Case Studies

See how the world’s most innovative brands use Maestro

Apple First Listen

Apple is known for their meticulous approach to design. When it came to developing a live experience for their First Listen Live podcast with Zane Lowe, they needed a platform that would function much like their R&D labs back at HQ - a controlled, stable sandbox for innovation and design that their partners Lili Studios could use to build an Apple-quality experience.

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Pandora & Wendy’s

As part of their ongoing Pandora Live series, Pandora wanted to do something special and unique for their partner, Wendy’s. They tapped the Maestro team to take their use of the platform another step further to create a unique value proposition for their partners as part of the experience, featuring a performance from the Killers.

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Maestro enables our store owners to create Shoppable Live Streams that increase audience engagement and boost revenue
Stewart Gilmour
Platform Manager, Shopify
We were looking for a better user experience for our community live streams and Maestro was the answer. It's not only a great UX, it's a great team to work with. The platform is very flexible and provides a full control of the experience. We dramatically increased the engagement with our community and the average watch time thanks to Maestro.
Michael Chaize
Principle Community Engagement Strategist, Adobe
It does become a much richer and more immersive live experience when you can go as deep as you want to go, or you can just watch the concert itself. Maestro became really unique for us because it was a way for us to share brand, artist and product information in a fun and engaging way.
Cameron Kelly
Senior Marketing Strategist, OnePlus

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