The Ultimate Guide to Multistreaming to Expand Your Reach

By Emily KringsSep 8, 2022


Deciding which platform to stream on can be a tough decision, especially if you have an audience that is scattered amongst different ones. Multistreaming is a technique that eliminates the need to choose just one. 

Multistreaming has become increasingly valuable in the wake of Twitch’s decision to allow its partners to stream to a handful of other platforms. 

This article will discuss the ins and outs of multistreaming. We will discuss what multistreaming is and when you should use it. To wrap things up, we’ll break down the ultimate multistreaming strategy.

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What is Multistreaming?

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Multistreaming is short for “multi-destination streaming.” It is a live streaming technique that enables brands and creators to broadcast their streams to multiple destinations from one source.

This technique, which is also referred to as simulcasting or simultaneous broadcasting, is the modern version of syndicated radio and TV broadcasting. The original source is typically a custom destination hosted by an online video platform, and the destinations span across many social streaming sites, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Even if you build a video website to serve as your custom destination, it is reasonable to want to become present on new platforms as they continue to pop up. 

Take TikTok, for example. The app emerged out of nowhere, and now it’s the hottest video platform on the market. Multistreaming gives you the flexibility to tap into trending platforms without abandoning the place where your existing supporters are at.

Benefits of Multistreaming

Multistreaming has many benefits for brands and creators. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Make a larger impact without much additional effort
  2. Reach a larger audience with more viewers
  3. Capitalize on the unique strength of each social platform 
  4. Overcome the unique restrictions of each social platform
  5. Use your independent site alongside mainstream platforms

As you can see, the flexibility of multistreaming creates many opportunities for streamers. 

How Does Multistreaming Work?

Multistreaming requires the support of streaming software that is dedicated to power multistreams. 

These tools are typically pretty user-friendly and simply require logging into the various platforms, authorizing access, and sometimes, copying and pasting some unique credentials from one platform to another.

From a technical standpoint, these platforms usually use a similar technology to encoders. RTMP ingest is common in these setups since it is nearly universally compatible.

Some of the most popular multistreaming platforms include Restream, Wirecast, StreamYard, and Switchboard Live. Maestro will be rolling out multistreaming tools very soon with Maestro Studio.

When to Use Multistreaming

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Multistreaming should be used in instances where reach is important. This is true for a couple of reasons. It allows you to be everywhere at once, and it allows you to tap into the discovery tools of each platform. 

For example, if you’re trying to build brand awareness, the omnipresence that multistreaming allows is very valuable. You can also use multistreaming for the top-of-the-funnel phase as part of a larger video monetization strategy.

Essentially, multistreaming can come in handy in any situation that requires capturing the attention of a broader audience. If you want to stream to multiple destinations from one location, multistreaming is the solution for you.

How to Leverage Multistreaming to Make More Money 

As we’ve discussed, multistreaming is a great way to extend your reach, but it is important to recognize that extending your reach is simply one piece of the puzzle if you’re trying to make more money.

That’s why we believe that multistreaming is part of a larger strategy that is geared toward taking back brand control. Let’s take a look at how this works.

1. Maximize Reach with Multistreaming

The first step is to cast a wide net with multistreaming. Use this technique to be everywhere at once and leverage the algorithms of these social streaming sites that will put your content in front of new fans.

Make sure the content is valuable and relevant to your brand, but don’t give it all away. Make your streams enticing and engaging, but find a balance that leaves your audience wanting more.

2. Funnel Your Audience to Your Branded Destination

As you build influence on each of the various platforms, you’ll funnel your core audience to a custom destination: your video website. 

Your branded video website should serve as a central location for your fanbase. It should be where you transition your casual viewers into superfans. Funneling your core audience to your own website gives you the opportunity to curate the entire journey and offer premium experiences. 

These premium experiences can help you 10x or even 100x the revenue that you make from these fans. Some ways you can make money from your core audience include hosting exclusive live events, selling merch with live commerce, creating subscriber-only content, collecting tips, and more.

3. Take Back Control & Make More Money

When you use a strategy like this, you own the direct relationships with your viewers. If you host your custom video site on Maestro, for example, you get access to all of your viewers’ email addresses and contact info in an easy-to-use Community dashboard.

Plus, when you curate the streaming experience, you don’t need to worry about your viewers being served ads and suggestions for other creators’ content. This gives you more control over the audience’s attention, which allows you to ultimately make more money.

With this strategy, you’re everywhere, and all the platforms that you’ve been using begin to serve you.

Final Thoughts

Every great multistreaming setup requires the support of a powerful streaming solution. If you’re looking for a platform to serve as the home base of your multistreams and broader video efforts, Maestro could be the solution for you.

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