Maestro & Partner to Enhance Interactivity with Real-Time Streaming

By Emily KringsApr 13, 2023

Maestro and have partnered to enable brands and creators to deliver next-level interactive live streaming experiences. This integration pairs Maestro's powerful video monetization and interactivity with the real-time streaming capabilities of, the new developer platform from Dolby.

This native integration of’s real-time streaming technology in the Maestro platform enables streamers to reduce their streaming latency to under half a second. This sub-500mms latency will create more lifelike viewer experiences.

Maestro x The Purpose

This integration aims to help users of both Maestro and enhance their streaming experiences. Maestro users will have access to’s sub-500mms latency, and users will have access to Maestro’s full suite of interactivity and monetization tools.

The goal is to enhance engagement and retention to yield more revenue opportunities for brands and creators who use live streaming.

The Benefits of Maestro’s Integration

The benefits of the integration are significant for anyone looking to take their audience engagement to the next level. Let’s review a few of the most notable benefits of the Maestro and partnership.

Real-Time Live Streaming

The most significant benefit of this partnership for Maestro users is access to real-time live streaming

With practically no latency, viewers can now enjoy even more immersive and engaging live streaming experiences, unlocking new unique opportunities for Maestro users to host more lifelike virtual events. 

This is particularly valuable for broadcasts that benefit from real-time viewer interaction, such as those with betting or gamification.

Access to Maestro’s Interactivity and Monetization 

Like brings sub-500mms streaming to Maestro, the partnership also opens doors to more revenue streams and greater interactivity for users. Access to these tools enables viewers to interact with their streams in a way that wasn’t possible before. 

Revolutionary for the Streaming Industry

With this partnership, Maestro and are helping to revolutionize the live streaming space by providing users with the tools and technology they need to succeed with interactive live streaming.

The partnership offers brands and creators more control over their video content and monetization, creating new opportunities for audience interaction and engagement. 

Stream with and Maestro

The integration is available to all Maestro users. If you want access to real-time live streaming, simply submit a support ticket, and we’ll get it turned on for you in no time.

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