A Day in the Life of a Senior Software Engineer

By Emily KringsApr 9, 2024

As a Senior Software Engineer at Maestro, Deliton wears multiple hats beyond coding. His primary responsibilities include implementing new features, architecting new software solutions, and finding creative approaches to the challenges that come with building and maintaining a robust platform. He regularly is called to voice ideas, solve problems, and engage in demos and presentations. 

Skills that Help Deliton Excel as a Sr. Software Engineer

  • Relentless curiosity about the digital world
  • Genuine interest in tackling challenges
  • Eagerness to be part of creating something interesting
  • Strong sense of commitment
  • Very positive
  • Ability to succeed in a dynamic environment

A Day in the Life from Deliton’s POV


Living on a sailboat, I've embraced the lifestyle of a "digital pirate.” My office, amidst the sea, offers a unique setting for my daily tasks. I’ve decided to distribute my work starting in the afternoon and stretching it into the night, a schedule that suits my night owl tendencies. 

It begins with my daily ritual of grinding coffee beans for a fresh mocha. Then, I engage in my life and boat chores, daily practice of learning a new language (I’m currently learning Japanese), walking around the bay, and spending time with people dear to me until it’s time to dive into my workday.

The workday kicks off with a review of my colleagues' code and an assessment of the day's priorities. Our team's standup meeting follows, where we share updates, brainstorm solutions, and tackle any obstacles that arise. This collaborative environment is crucial for creating innovation and ensuring project momentum.

My tasks vary greatly, from coding and feature building to architecting software solutions. Research and development in new technologies also make up a significant part of my role, allowing me to explore uncharted territories and bring fresh perspectives to our projects. This exploration often leads to demos and tech talks, where I share my passion and discoveries with my colleagues.

The Highlights of Working with Maestro

The sense of family within the Maestro team is massive and inspiring. Our work environment is characterized by a shared passion for technology, making every day a new learning opportunity. The excitement that comes with each new product feature is contagious. This environment of continuous growth and innovation is most rewarding.

Favorite Maestro Memory 


I attended the Fortnite Championship Series 2023 in Copenhagen with our CEO. It was an unforgettable experience. Representing Maestro and witnessing the success of our client, Epic Games, firsthand was a testament to the months of hard work and dedication my team and I had invested. Plus, seeing our monetization feature in action amidst an audience of hundreds of thousands was a proud moment and a highlight of my career.

Remote Work Perks


Remote work offers flexibility that suits my lifestyle perfectly. Living on a sailboat, I enjoy complete geographical freedom, allowing me to travel the world while contributing to our streaming platform.

I also like the fact that my coworkers are located pretty much all around the globe. That enriches our work culture and broadens our collective perspective.

The ability to meet remote coworkers in real life also adds a unique dimension to our relationships. Having a coworker living in another place is the perfect opportunity to visit them and go bowling together.

Challenges of Working as a Senior Software Engineer

Developing the self-service feature was a formidable challenge, pushing me to expand my understanding of SaaS operations and automation. It was a journey of discovery, delving into marketing strategies, SEO, and the intricacies of software iteration. 

This experience was a testament to the power of learning through doing, driving home the importance of adaptability and continuous improvement in the tech industry. This journey of endless experimentation and software iteration has been both challenging and rewarding, and it pushes me to grow and adapt in ways I had never anticipated.