A Day in the Life of a Customer Success and Operations Manager

By Emily KringsApr 9, 2024

Amy is a key player on the Maestro team whose role serves both the Customer Success and Operations departments. As a CS and Operations Manager, Amy has a wide range of responsibilities, including maintaining the Knowledge Base, managing the Discord Community, working with SRE and QA to reproduce and prioritize bug reports, and managing projects for custom development and product development. 

Amy also has a hand in employee relations. She plans Maestro’s holiday parties. She also handles fun extras like swag design/fulfillment and moderates Fun Fridays! 

Skills that Help Amy Excel as a CS & Operations Manager

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Enthusiasm
  • Detail-oriented mindset
  • Broadcast/live streaming experience
  • Event technology experience

A Day in the Life from Amy’s POV

I get to my desk and browse through my emails. If anything urgent came in overnight, I’ll start there. The software has bugs, some of which aren’t extremely urgent and some critical. If overnight we had a critical bug report, I’d be waking up our Director of Site Reliability to help me manage the situation. This is very rare, so I’ll most likely make a task list from my emails and head to our support Inbox. 

I have a similar routine with the support center. If anything is urgent, I’ll handle it right away. If not, I’ll go through the support inbox from the bottom of the top, responding to any tickets and adding items to my task list if they require assistance from other team members. Our support inbox is our 1:1 connection with our “Self Sign Up” portion of our client base, which is the majority of our client base, so managing these tickets is extremely important. 

From there, I’ll check out our Discord community for any support requests.

Once that’s done, I’ll refine my task list for the day and start checking off items that I can handle without outside assistance. Since my work at Maestro is extremely multifaceted and I'm context-switching all day, a thorough task list is essential to me. 

Most of our team is online for the day around 11:00 a.m. CT (9:00 a.m. PT), and that’s typically when meetings begin. Four days a week, our engineering and QA teams have a “stand up” meeting where they run through what they worked on the previous day, what they’re working on today, and if there are any blockers to completing that work. This is an integral part of my day as a project manager, and I attend three half-hour stand-ups per day, one for each “Pod” within our development team. 

After stand-up, I often have additional meetings until around 4:00 p.m. CT, varying by day of the week. Weekly, we have a “CS Team Meeting” with the members of our Customer Success team, where we troubleshoot challenges or discuss new ways to engage with our Clients.

I attend onboarding meetings with new clients, which I really enjoy doing. They all come in differently. Some have already built out their entire platform and come in with really specific questions and cool use cases, and sometimes, they come in extremely green. Existing clients also request meetings to discuss new features or collaborate their content strategies.

For the last hour of my day, I revisit the support inbox, round up my to-do list, wrap up anything I can finish in about twenty minutes, and then move what I can’t to the next day.

In addition to this general schedule, my days include many more side-quests. Sometimes, these side quests are fun things like planning a holiday party or playing board games online with my colleagues on a Friday to blow off some steam after a long week. 

The Highlights of Working with Maestro

My favorite part of my day-to-day work at Maestro is my early mornings. I work on Central Time, and most of our team is on Pacific, so my mornings are a wonderful quiet time when I can prioritize my to-do list while enjoying some coffee.

Favorite Maestro Memory

Working with Your Mom’s House Podcast has been the coolest experience I’ve had working at Maestro! I am a huge fan of that show and Tom Segura, so I love to be a small part of making their special events happen. They also sent me a signed poster from one of Tom’s stand-up shows that I attended.

Remote Work Perks

I love the agency I have over my day and working experience. My home office is decorated exactly like I want it to be. I can play music as loudly as I like, I get to hang out with my pets all day, and I can take a break and take my dog for a walk!

Challenges of Working as a CS & Operations Manager

I don’t have direct experience in software development, so occasionally, I have difficulties understanding the complexities of a new feature when working through project management schedules and deadlines. 

I overcome this by being very honest when I don’t understand something. I will ask our developers to explain something to me as though they’re explaining it to their grandmother. I believe that being honest when I don’t understand or know the answer is a strength. 

My vulnerability with our team has been very positive and has done nothing but strengthen our working relationship. They know how to best communicate with me and them.