Top 8 Enterprise Video Platforms in 2024: Live Streaming and On-Demand

By Todd SitrinMay 2, 2024

Are you looking to enhance internal communications, streamline training, and boost customer engagement with your organization through video at scale? 

That’s exactly what an enterprise video platform is designed to help with. These versatile platforms support on-demand content and live streaming, and are designed to work with businesses of all sizes and across virtually any industry. 

Interested in finding out more and seeing which platforms might be best for your use case? In this post, we share our rankings of the top eight enterprise video platforms on the market right now!

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What is an Enterprise Video Platform?

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An enterprise video platform is an online solution designed to manage, distribute, and live stream video content for businesses. 

Some of the common features you can expect in an enterprise video platform include video hosting and management, live streaming and on-demand video distribution, robust security, tech integrations, and powerful analytics and reporting tools.

Compared to the needs of individual content creators or smaller companies, more established organizations may have a wider range of business use cases that their chosen enterprise video platform will need to address. 

In addition to customer-facing video, your business may use an enterprise solution for:

  • Internal communications (by department or company-wide)
  • External communications and public relations
  • Sales videos
  • Product marketing
  • Customer support
  • HR training and onboarding

Your company can use an enterprise video platform in any of the above contexts, or others that are unique to you.

Why Do You Need an Enterprise Video Solution?

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So, aside from the fact that an enterprise video platform can meet a more complex set of needs, why would you need one?

It boils down to a few key reasons:

  • Content ownership and control. You don’t have to worry about whether a third-party platform will take down your content or even steal the rights to it.
  • Powerful security. You can ensure that your videos are protected from piracy and other security threats.
  • Monetization. You have full decision making over whether – and how – to monetize your customer-facing videos.

8 Best Enterprise Video Platforms: A Comparison

With these different video use cases and features top of mind, let’s take a look at the top eighth enterprise video platforms that can best serve your needs.

1. Maestro

Best for: Interactive video, audience engagement, monetization

Music Video Streaming Service | Maestro

Maestro is a robust enterprise video platform for larger businesses looking for total control over their content, viewership, and earnings for their internal and external-facing video needs.

With Maestro, you can easily set up a custom-branded site for everything from on-demand videos to live streams. Plus, it’s also easy to generate revenue with a wide range of flexible monetization tools.

Many recognizable names in the world of sports, gaming, and music have relied on Maestro’s platform to host and monetize their videos, including the Golden State Warriors, Billie Eilish, and Apple.

Maestro’s can provide video services, but our platform also plays nicely with virtually any video player – and we even have technical integrations with some of the other video platforms on this list, including Brightcove, Wowza, and JW Player! 

Top Features


Maestro offers three primary pricing plans for those who place their content behind a paywall, as well as custom options for enterprise-level businesses:

  • Start: Free forever
  • Growth: $19/month
  • Scale: $99/month
  • Custom: Let’s talk

Note that there’s a revenue split for monetization on these plans. However, more sophisticated companies with a range of business use cases for a video platform will want to contact Maestro to keep virtually all of the revenue their video content generates and give the tool a test drive.

Ready to book a demo? 

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2. Brightcove

Best for: Marketing and monetization

Brightcove is a popular OTT streaming solution that’s specifically designed for enterprises who want to engage their audiences through live streams for marketing, communication, and beyond. If you do have internal communications needs, Brightcove may not be the best fit – it’s intended more for external video streaming for monetization and marketing.

With that in mind, Brightcove offers a robust set of monetization options, including ads and subscriptions, as well as a range of other revenue generating opportunities available through integrations.

Top Features

  • White-label streaming
  • Quality tools for engagement and analytics
  • Powerful options for revenue generation


Brightcove doesn’t cite its prices publicly, so to learn more about Brightcove pricing, you’ll have to get a custom quote by contacting Brightcove directly.

3. JW Player

Best for: Content delivery and video optimization

JW Player identifies itself as the “#1 video platform for video-driven companies.” One of the reasons it’s on our list is because it has serious longevity in this business. In addition to starting in 2004, JW Player is also behind the very first embeddable web player ever!

JW Player offers quality content management and optimization for enterprise customers, along with its well-received video player. They’re a great choice for media and publisher companies, as well as other SME businesses.

Top Features

  • Quality video player
  • Customizable APIs
  • Monetization built-in, with ad integrations to extend options
  • Robust tools for engagement and analytics


JW Player can be purchased  – learn more on their pricing page. You can get access to a 30-day limited free trial of JW Player, however.

4. IBM Video Streaming

Best for: AI-powered analytics and large events

IBM offers a massive suite of enterprise-level software for every business need under the sun, and this includes its virtual events and video streaming platform, IBM Video Streaming. This enterprise video streaming solution features live stream, simulated live, and video on-demand content management for a range of use cases, including virtual events, executive town halls, and marketing product launches. 

With this platform, you also enjoy access to IBM Watson AI, which provides additional features like automated closed captioning. There are two tiers of service, with the higher enterprise-level plan providing more robust security to protect sensitive content. 

Top Features

  • AI powered by Watson
  • Detailed viewer insights and analytics data 
  • Strong security for enterprise customers
  • Scalable for large-scaled events


IBM Video Streaming is priced at two different levels of service and for different subscription terms:

  • IBM Video Streaming: $137/month
  • IBM Enterprise Video Streaming: $799/month

These prices are just for a one-month subscription and don’t include any discounts. Both tiers also offer a free trial. Find out more on the IBM VIdeo Streaming pricing page.

5. Wowza

Best for: OTT streaming infrastructure

Wowza is known as a live broadcast and OTT streaming company for “digital-first businesses,” with a variety of video-based products and services. The popular OTT streaming platform can help your business reach cord-cutting audiences and broadcast high-quality content with near-real-time stream analytics.

Wowza’s streaming solutions are commonly used among government, technology, retail, media and entertainment organizations. Some clients of theirs include Fox Sports, Vimeo, and Facebook.

Top Features

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Video CMS 
  • 360 streaming
  • Analytics and engagement tools


Wowza doesn’t have public pricing. You’ll have to fill out a contact form on their product page to get in touch with them and find out more about their OTT streaming options.

6. Kaltura

Best for: Educational institutions and wide-scale training

Kaltura is an open-source platform that’s ideal for employee training and development, with a focus on an educational suite.

Given that Kaltura specializes in education, many of its biggest clients are educational institutions and technology. You may want to look at Kaltura to support your own education portal, video LMS, or other training content needs. 

Kaltura is well-versed in popular online education formats, including webinars and virtual classrooms. 

Top Features

  • Powerful video CMS and LMS designed for online education 
  • AI capabilities for branding and engagement
  • Strong VOD hosting
  • Customization options via APIs and SDKs


Kaltura’s pricing is based on its nine main use cases. The pricing flexibility is actually one of Kaltura’s biggest benefits, but here’s what they mention on their website:

7. Qumu

Best for: Hybrid workplace communications



From Enghouse Video, Qumu is a reliable enterprise video solution for businesses looking to deliver seamless video experiences while managing, securing, and measuring their video content. 


Known for powering “smart video” technology, Qumu is trusted by top brands in finance, healthcare, and technology, from Dell to GSK. Like other enterprise solutions, Qumu is capable of improving external-facing communications to boost customer engagement, but also works well for internal communications needs like employee training, town halls, and education.

Top Features

  • Centralized access to audiences via custom Viewer Portals 
  • Powerful workflows to manage access 
  • Supports live events and interactive videos
  • Real-time network and viewer engagement data


Qumu has no public pricing. To find out more about Qumu and schedule a demo, you need to submit a contact form on the Qumu product page.

8. MUX

Best for: Video infrastructure

MUX bills itself as “the internet’s video infrastructure,” as well as “the video platform for your platform.” 

Because MUX is a video API service, its focus is more on the back-end of video hosting, streaming, encoding, and delivery – basically, all the more technical aspects of video infrastructure for on-demand and live streaming. If your enterprise has a lot of in-house development resources and a highly sophisticated tech ecosystem, that’s a case where it may make sense for you to work with MUX. 

MUX works with many of the world’s top brands, from Patreon to Fox to Robinhood.

Top Features

  • An easy-to-use API, SDKs, and toolkits for developers
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Data-driven encoding
  • Automatic thumbnail and GIF generation for videos


MUX allows you to start using it for free for up to 100k monthly views (with a price of $0.60/1000 views after that) for no commitment. You can also choose their Pro plan at $199/month with 1 million monthly views included and only $0.50/1000 views after that.Lastly, MUX offers a custom Media plan for enterprises that requires you to request a demo.

Power Your Enterprise Video Strategy With Maestro

We hope this list has helped you get to know more about the market of enterprise video platforms. Ultimately, whatever your goals are for your video content strategy, chances are good you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for out of Maestro! 

Maestro provides the versatility and power of an enterprise-level video platform at a great value for brands of all sizes. Our enterprise video platform allows you to create interactive video experiences, monetize your videos, and even build a unique branded site for your live and on-demand videos.

Are you ready to publish and monetize your own high-quality videos on Maestro? Contact us now to book a demo!

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