18 Best Video Content Creation Tools in 2023

By Emily KringsApr 20, 2022


The internet is full of tools for video content creators. In fact, there are so many tools that sometimes it is hard choosing the right ones for your video streaming needs. 

That’s why we’ve done some digging and rounded up the best tools for video creators on the market.

Let’s review some of the best video content creation tools in 2023. We’ll break our top picks into a handful of categories, including video hosting, production, and streaming equipment. 

Best Video Content Creation Tools

Video Editing and Production Tools

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Production and editing are two important aspects of video content creation, so it makes sense to use dedicated tools for these tasks. Let’s review a few of our top picks for video editing and production tools.

1. vMix

vMix is a video content creation tool that is used for live stream production and recording. 

Some of the top features on vMix include input management, simulcasting, video transition effects, color correcting, animated graphics, and chromakeying (green screen production). vMix also supports instant replays which are particularly valuable for content creators who are streaming events.

This tool can be purchased for as little as $60 for a lifetime license. 

2. OpenShot

Looking for an open-source video production and editing tool? OpenShot could be the option for you.

This tool is mostly focused on producing on-demand video content rather than live streams. A few popular features of this software include animations, keyframes, video trimming and slicing, time effects, slow motion, and audio waveforms.

OpenShot is free to use. 

3. VidblasterX

VidblasterX is another great tool for online video production. Its top features include source switching, audio mixing, live stream recording, and simulcasting.

This software has three different pricing plans: $9/year for Home, $99/year for Studio, and $999/year for Broadcast

4. InVideo

InVideo is a user-friendly video editing tool that caters to both beginners and experienced creators. Its intuitive interface and customizable templates simplify the video editing process, allowing users to craft professional videos without extensive technical knowledge. The platform's rich media library provides a wide range of visual and audio assets, while its text and animation tools enable the addition of dynamic overlays and transitions for enhanced visual appeal.

One of InVideo's standout features is its real-time collaboration option, facilitating seamless teamwork on projects. This cloud-based tool eliminates the need for software installation, enabling users to access and edit their projects from various locations. InVideo's combination of accessibility, creative tools, and collaborative capabilities makes it a compelling choice for individuals and teams seeking efficient and visually engaging video editing solutions.

Video Hosting Software 

maestro video hosting

Your video content needs a place to live on the internet, which is why video hosting software is a must. There are hosting tools for different use cases and budgets, ranging from advanced and expensive to basic and free.

5.  Maestro 

Maestro is a creator-focused video hosting tool that helps streamers create premium experiences for their core audiences. This platform puts creators in control of their streaming and helps them make more money.

Maestro is equipped with a variety of video monetization tools, including ticketing, subscriptions, tipping, live commerce, and unique brand activations for sponsorships. What makes Maestro unique is that creators can keep up to 100% of their revenue earned on ticketing and subscriptions.

In addition to video monetization, the top features of Maestro are customizable channels, buildable pages, Studio (for collaborative streaming), and interactive panels and overlays.

Maestro offers streaming plans ranging from free plans for basic streaming to customizable enterprise plans.

6. Brightcove

Brightcove is an enterprise-grade video hosting platform with a variety of products and solutions for businesses in many industries. This tool is best suited for seasoned creators with large video businesses and advanced streaming needs.

The purpose of this platform is to help organizations connect with their audiences via online video streaming. Three of this online video platform’s main focuses include scalability, security, and reliability. 

Some of the top features from Brightcove include video management, reliable delivery, secure streaming, video analytics, and API access for customization. Plus, Brightcove and Maestro have a partnership that enables Brighcove users to access all of Maestro's monetization tools with a seamless integration.

Brightcove plans are all custom-priced. 

7. Free Video Streaming Sites

If you are just getting started with online video creation, a free video-sharing site is the way to go. Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are all good places to start. 

Twitch is the best option for those who want to focus on live streaming, whereas YouTube is more geared towards on-demand videos that are pre-recorded and uploaded. Facebook is good for content creators that are more focused on the community element. 

Other Streaming Software 

File:OBS 24.0.0.png - Wikimedia Commons

Streaming software doesn’t end with production and hosting tools. In fact, streaming software can describe a wide variety of tools for different streaming functions, such as encoding, simulcasting, mixing, and more.

8. Gramrphone

Gramrphone is a free all-in-one live streaming encoder built for DJs, musicians, and producers. It includes all the technical components needed to capture and live stream high-quality audio and video directly from your DAW, DJ Software, or desktop straight to platforms, including Maestro, without any buffering or performance issues. 

As music creators themselves, the Gramrphone team recognized that existing live streaming encoders such as OBS Studio and Streamlabs catered far more to streamers and gamers. 

Musicians often have complex setups and specialist equipment designed to create pristine audio, and Gramrphone is designed to support these audio-focused setups.

9. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source streaming tool that is designed for video recording and live streaming. This open-source project is highly customizable for flexible streaming support. 

Some of OBS Studio’s most popular functionalities include video and audio mixing, source switching, and customizable video production docks.

This project is absolutely free to use.

10. StreamElements

StreamElements is a tool for video content creators that helps streamers create more engaging streams. 

This software allows creators to add a variety of elements to their streams, including overlays, alerts, and a chatbot. StreamElements also has video monetization features that support merch sales and tipping. 

Another interesting aspect of StreamElements is that it brings together creators and brands who are looking to sponsor content.

11. Wirecast

Wirecast is a multi-functional streaming software from Telestream. In addition to a variety of production tools, Wirecast also offers encoding support. 

This means that you can Wirecast to convert streams from the large RAW files captured by your camera into smaller digital streams that are meant for streaming over the internet. 

Wirecast starts at $35/month.

Hardware Equipment

person holding video camera

In addition to the digital tools we’ve covered so far, there are quite a few pieces of hardware equipment that are important for live streaming. Let’s check them out.

12. Cameras

Cameras are a must for video streams. Fortunately, there are many types of cameras that creators can choose from to support them for different use cases or at different stages of their streaming journeys.

The built-in camera on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop will work for basic streams, but slightly more advanced streaming setups call for external webcams, GoPros, or basic camcorders. 

Professional creators with advanced streaming goals, such as creating documentaries or streaming large-scale events, need more professional camcorders.

13. Microphones

A cheap hack that can make a huge difference in your streaming setup is investing in an internal mic. Oftentimes, the mics built into cameras, especially smartphones or laptops, are a bit subpar. 

Spending $25 to $100 on an external mic can help create crisper-sounding audio and reduce echoing and background noise. A lapel mic should suffice in most situations, but a handheld mic works well, too.

14. Lighting Equipment

Lighting can make a world of difference in the quality of your screen. If you don’t have great natural light where you plan to record your streams, it’s a good idea to invest in a little backup support.

Many content creators go with a basic ring light, which you can snag for under $100. More advanced lighting equipment will run you closer to $200.

If you’re streaming on the go, a small ring light that clips on your smartphone is an option, as well.

Miscellaneous Tools

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It may come as a surprise, but video content creators often need tools beyond those that are directly related to videos. Tools for creating cover images, managing your time, and creating marketing assets are also a must.

Let’s wrap things up by reviewing a few miscellaneous tools that come in handy for video content creators.

15. Canva

Looking for a free tool for creating basic graphics, such as cover images and overlays, for your videos? Canva is just the tool.

What’s cool about Canva is that it offers thousands of free customizable templates. This is great for content creators who don’t have much design experience but still want to add a custom touch to their videos’ cover images and such.

As we mentioned, there is a free version of Canva, but you can upgrade for as little as $12.99/month for access to more advanced tools, such as team collaboration. 

16. Photoshop

While Adobe Photoshop is designed for still images, it is useful for a variety of tasks that video content creators find themselves doing on a daily. Photoshop is a more advanced design and editing tool that is used for making cover images, overlays, logos, and more. 

Photoshop starts at $9.99/month.

17. TimeYourWeb

You know that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of content creation, even if it looks seamless from the outside. Managing your time is crucial if you want to continue to grow your operation while juggling all of the roles that you’re trying to fill.

That’s why we recommend TimeYourWeb, a productivity extension that tracks the amount of time that you spend on each site during the day. It helps you see how much time you spend scrolling Twitter, Reddit, and the other sites that distract you from your work.

The awareness of how you’re spending your time, whether it be mindless or productive, helps to organize your days accordingly. 

18. Koji

Making your content discoverable and accessible is key. That’s why a lot of creators use a “link in bio” page to organize all of their most important links and profiles.

Koji is a tool that creators can use to bring their “link in bio” menus to life with customizations and animations. It even has tools for monetization. It integrates with hundreds of apps, and the best part is that it is completely free to use.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tools for your video content creation setup will help you produce high-quality content and achieve better results.

Since there are so many different video content creation tools on the market, streamers can choose a lineup that makes the most sense for their budget and streaming goals.

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