5 Best Music Video Distribution Platforms in 2024

By Emily KringsFeb 14, 2024

If you’re an artist, producer, manager, or video creator in the music business, then you already know the power of streaming to grow your music’s reach. These days, if you want your music to be “discoverable,” you need to take full advantage of the most popular medium in the modern landscape: video.

Not only do you need to be creating music videos to get your tracks out there, but you also need a way to distribute those videos. 

In this guide, we reveal five of the best music video distribution platforms out there right now and how to distribute your music video to digital platforms to grow your business’s reach and revenue!

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What is a Music Video Distribution Platform?

A music video distribution platform is an online service that enables artists and labels to publish, share, and promote their music videos across a range of channels. These can either be a public third-party platform or a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform.

Third-Party Platforms vs. D2C

It’s important to understand the difference between a third-party platform and a D2C platform for distributing your music videos, live concerts, and audio tracks.

There are a number of third-party video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vevo, as well as social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, that are essential for getting your videos in front of audiences online. These generally aren’t exclusive to music and music video content, and they offer less control but give you access to a broad audience.

However, D2C platforms like Maestro allow you to build your own live stream and video hosting presence to reach your audience directly. These provide greater control over branding and monetization, including direct revenue from your work.

The 5 Best Music Video Distribution Platforms

Here is our list of the five best music video distribution platforms for artists and management teams. 

1. Maestro - Best for D2C Streaming


Maestro is a D2C streaming platform for artists and labels to create a unique, branded experience for fans. With Maestro, you have the ability to create your own video website, stream music videos, concerts, and audio tracks.

To monetize this “virtual stage,” you can choose from revenue opportunities like tickets, subscriptions, and live shopping. But the best thing about Maestro is that it puts the ownership and control back into the hands of individual artists – no major label or team of web developers needed! You own the data and get paid for your work.

Some of the top artists who use Maestro include Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots. Find out more on the Maestro Music page.


  • Customizable artist site included
  • Interactive elements like polls, Q&As, and chat
  • Robust monetization models available, including subscriptions, shoppable video, pay-per-view live concerts, and tipping
  • Detailed analytics and insights on viewer engagement


Maestro offers different tiers of pricing. Here’s what you get at each level: 

  • Start: Free forever; Keep 60% of tickets and subscriptions, 95% of Shopify sales, and 80% of tips
  • Growth: $19/month; Keep 75% of tickets and subscriptions, 95% of Shopify sales, and 85% of tips
  • Scale: $99/month; Keep 100% of tickets and subscriptions, 95% of Shopify sales, and 90% of tips
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing; Host free content; Keep 100% of tickets and subscriptions, 95% of Shopify sales, and 90% of tips

2. DistroVid - Best for Solo Creators

DistroVid is the music video distribution arm of DistroKid, which is a popular digital distribution platform for solo musicians, bands, DJs, performers, producers, and YouTube creators. 

Where DistroKid helps you get your music into online stores and streaming services for the low price of $22.99 per year, DistroVid helps you get your music videos into Apple Music, TikTok Music, Vevo, and Tidal for $99 per year – while keeping 100% of your earnings.

What makes DistroVid valuable is that it helps you upload your music videos onto popular third-party platforms to get discovered. It’s a great complement to DistroKid, which gets your audio tracks onto Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more.


  • Affordable and efficient distribution to popular third-party platforms
  • A range of music distribution and marketing services that scale to your needs
  • Keep 100% of what your music earns


DistroVid has a flat price of $8.25 per month ($99 per year, billed annually) for 1 artist. Additional artist slots are $49 per year on top of the base subscription.

The complementary service DistroKid costs just $22.99 per year.

3. Symphonic - Best for Established Artists and Producers

Symphonic is a 100% independent company offering digital music video distribution and music promotion services. 

As one of the largest networks in the industry, Symphonic can get your music and music videos onto more than 200 digital service providers in the music industry, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and Amazon Music. 

Symphonic makes it easy to get paid for your content on a range of third-party platforms, from TikTok and Soundcloud to YouTube and Instagram. It also comes with a SplitShare feature that makes it easy to work with collaborators and provide them with both analytics and automatic payments from the content you’ve distributed.


  • An all-in-one service for music distribution, promotion, and marketing
  • Effective music video distribution on VEVO, Tidal, Apple Music, Vimeo, and more
  • Keep 100% of royalties from your music


Symphonic Video Distribution offers two plans: Base Plan and Plus Plan. Here’s what you get at each level: 

  • Base Plan: $95 per video; Deliver your music video to five platforms
  • Plus Plan: $150 per video; Deliver your music video to ten platforms

And Symphonic’s audio track distribution plans include: 

  • Starter: $19.99/year for 1 artist; Monetize on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels and Snapchat; Keep 100% of royalties
  • Partner: Custom percentage. Unlimited artists and releases, plus personalized support and marketing to Spotify and other digital service providers.

4. PeekSound - Best All-in-One Solution

PeekSound is a digital music and video distribution service that helps your music be uploaded to leading streaming services, including Apple Music, Vevo, Tidal, and Spotify.

The service costs $79.99/year per artist. What makes PeekSound special is that it includes unlimited uploads of both music and video distribution in one membership plan while still allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties across music and music video streams.


  • Upload both music and music video distribution for a low annual price of $79.99
  • Get your videos on Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, and Vevo
  • Keep 100% of royalties from your music


PeekSound gives you music and music video distribution for an annual fee of $79.99. There’s an additional fee per music video uploaded to different services: 

  • Apple Music: $55 per video
  • Tidal: Free
  • Vevo: $24.99/video with a Vevo profile; Otherwise, it’s $89.99 for a new Vevo profile and 1 video submission

5. Ditto Music - Best for Labels

Ditto Music is primarily a music distribution platform, but it does offer a premium service for getting your music videos on Vevo.

Ditto Music is a fully-featured platform that supports you in selling your music, claiming music royalties through publishing, and getting your music distributed to 150+ different platforms worldwide.


  • The Ditto Starter Plan is just $19 per year for a single artist
  • Get your videos on Vevo
  • Go Pro for a lot of exclusive features, including music publishing royalties, YouTube content ID, and pitching for TV and movie sync


Ditto Music has a Starter Plan of $19/year for one artist.

The Ditto Pro plan is $59/year for two artists and features all of Ditto’s services in one package, including music publishing, music sales, and music promotion.

Ditto Music is an official partner of Vevo, so uploading music videos to Vevo is free with a Ditto Music plan. 

Which Music Video Distribution Platform is Right For You?

In this guide to the best music video distribution platform, we tried to keep it easy for you to find your best option(s) by labeling each platform with a short identifier. We also pointed out D2C options versus third-party streaming options!

Hopefully, this helps you narrow in on the right platform or platforms for you. In the end, you’ll have to weigh your own needs against each option. There’s no single “correct” solution – it’s about getting the most affordable service for the features you need!

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