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    The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Event Production in 2023

    Virtual events provide a great way for brands and entertainers to connect with their audiences both near and far. Fortunately, streaming technology has evolved in recent years to make it possible for anyone with at least a little technical know-how to produce virtual events like a pro.

    Top 16 Live Streaming Platforms for Professionals in 2023

      Live streaming has become an important tool for many businesses and solopreneurs. It enables these organizations to connect with their audiences in a way that is personal and lifelike, regardless of location.  As a result, live streaming platforms have become increasingly popular in professional spaces.

    12 Best OTT Platforms for Creating an OTT Service in 2023

    OTT streaming has soared in popularity over the past decade, and the industry continues to expand. In fact, the OTT market is projected to reach a value of $275.30 billion in 2023 and $1.039 trillion by 2027. This growth will continue to create opportunities for media businesses that want to create OTT streaming experiences for their audiences. With this comes the need for a[...]

    What is FPS?: The Ultimate Guide to Frame Rate for Video Streaming

    A lot happens behind the scenes of a video stream, especially if you’re streaming live over the internet. A variety of technical settings at the encoder level helps to determine the clarity and speed of the video that reaches your viewers’ screens. One important encoder setting is the frame rate, which is measured in frames per second (FPS).

    5 Ways to Make Money with Virtual Events

    Virtual events are hotter than ever as the live streaming industry continues to boom in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as in-person events resume, virtual events remain relevant because they provide greater accessibility to fans both near and far. In fact, 92% of companies continue to host virtual events.

    What is Video Latency?: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

    Ensuring that your streaming setup provides the optimal latency for your use case is absolutely key in online video streaming. This is because latency plays a crucial role in curating your live streaming experiences. 

    Maestro 2022 Recap: What’s New and What’s to Come

    Throughout 2022, the power of online video has continued to grow, and Maestro is proud to have been a part of reimagining the world of live streaming. We’ve launched dozens of new features and upgrades to give brands and solopreneurs all of the tools they need to supercharge their streaming experiences.

    What is HLS Streaming?: The Ultimate Guide to HTTP Live Streaming

    In 2009, the HLS video streaming protocol reimagined the entire streaming industry. It made it possible for viewers to access online video content from their mobile devices. 

    Free Streaming Platforms vs. Custom Video Websites: Which is Better?

    How your viewers access your online video content affects the user experience. In some cases, a free streaming platform like Twitch or YouTube will do, but other situations call for custom video websites on your own domain. In this article, we will compare free streaming platforms and custom video websites as two options for creating online video experiences. 

    What is AVOD?: The Ultimate Guide to Ad-Based Video on Demand

    Advertisements have been a popular way to monetize different types of broadcasts, events, and shows for over 100 years. In fact, the first radio ad was broadcasted in the summer of 1922, and the first television commercial was broadcasted in 1941. Both of these advertising methods are still used today, but as more people begin to stream content on the internet, many advertis[...]