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Maestro is the interactive video and live streaming solution agencies trust to easily create custom client experiences at scale.

Produced by Lili Studios for Westfield*Data shown is for illustration purpose only

Why Agencies Trust Maestro

Maestro offers agencies a scalable way to create and simultaneously manage multiple virtual experiences for diverse and expanding client rosters.

Single License, Multi-Instance

Streamline the procurement process to easily service additional clients without the contract headache.

The All-In-One Solution

You can avoid the pain and risk of integrating multiple solutions together with our extensive features and functionalities.

Highly Customizable

Customize and control every detail of the experience to precisely align with your client’s brand and objectives.

Data That Tells a Story

Tell the story of your campaign’s success with robust analytics, first-party data, and more from our in-depth dashboards.

Enter the Era of Ownership

Agencies that choose Maestro future proof their clients for a decentralized web 3.0

The Shift Towards Live

The most impactful consumer experiences are alive and in the moment. We live in a time when customers crave a more personal relationship with the brands they follow. Real-time interactivity yields deeper human connections and increases purchase intent within the virtual environment.

Captalizing on the Shift

Amidst the fast-evolving landscape of privacy and data on the web, smart agencies realize the importance for their clients to own and monetize the destination of their marketing efforts. Live experiences have proven to increase engagement, retention, and conversion.

Agencies Who Trust Maestro

Maestro Agencies Case Studies

Examples of how agencies with diverse client rosters use Maestro

Lili Studios - Twenty One Pilots

With the launch of their sixth studio album Scaled And Icy, the chart-topping powerhouse turned to Maestro to create something groundbreaking - a 7-week experience that would tap into their fans, building hype, interaction and engagement around the album’s release.

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Lili Studios - One Plus

OnePlus was entering a new segment of the smartphone market with low-priced devices. Further complicating matters, the product launch included entry into a new channel for the brand in Metro by T-Mobile, coupled with an almost entirely unaware target audience. Needless to say, OnePlus had their work cut out for them.

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Since partnering with Maestro, our events, including eCommerce Week LA have strengthened lasting relationships with our audience. Maestro has become our go-to for multi-day events, allowing us to dial quickly into analytics. A particularly useful analytical highlight was knowing what people were watching and “why” they were watching. As a result we will be able to build on this data and increase engagement for upcoming events
Erik Huberman
CEO & Founder of Hawke Media
It does become a much richer and more immersive live experience when you can go as deep as you want to go, or you can just watch the concert itself. Maestro became really unique for us because it was a way for us to share brand, artist and product information in a fun and engaging way.
Cameron Kelly
Senior Marketing Strategist, OnePlus
Maestro was an intuitive platform allowing us to provide an enhanced user experience. Insomniac is about delivering great visual experiences, and Maestro gave us the canvas to extend our experience digitally. More control to interact with fans and ability to run relevant ad units made both our fans and sponsors happy.
Mike Lee
Director of Digital Strategy & Sponsorships Insomniac Events

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